2018 Forecast – The Themes of Family and Togetherness

Ready to say goodbye to 2017? I know I am! Wow, what a challenging year! With the January full moon scheduled for New Year’s day, 2018 is already indicating that it is time to wipe the slate clean, leave the past in the past and look ahead to the future.

In a recent 2018 forecast I did for a friend it was made clear to me that one of 2018’s main themes is “family”. For everyone this theme will manifest differently depending on what issues are present; however, it is clear that family will be the area of challenge for most.

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Image source: Osho Zen Tarot

Along with the theme of family was the theme of “togetherness”. It presented itself as the “We are the world” card (Osho Zen Tarot). This hints that not only will we as individuals need to “stick together’ but also that events in the world will require togetherness rather than separateness. How events play out will depend entirely on whether we are open and willing to put aside our differences and cooperate for the greater good of Earth.

Based upon just these two themes – family and togetherness – 2018 will be gifting us with lessons and opportunities that will have the potential to blast through lies and illusions related to family and groups (ie. racism, relationships, cultural beliefs, religion, persecution, etc) not only here at home but on a global scale. Will we rise up to the challenge? Can we get past our small selves (Ego) and grow out of selfishness and separateness into Unity and Togetherness? I hope so!

For clarity, I decided to select three of my Light Code Oracle cards.


These three cards further expound upon the themes of family and togetherness. The Service card indicates that 2018 will require that we help one another. We will be asked to be more selfless, more generous and compassionate, and to do so without expectation of it being returned.

The Creator card reminds us that we create our reality. For most of us, our full potential lies hidden throughout our lives. We will be asked to push aside our fear of not being enough, to look deep within and accept that we are potently powerful Beings capable of so much more than we consciously realize. This might mean life forces us to take a long, deep look at ourselves. Sometimes this can be scary, but with courage we discover amazing things. This card also reminds us that as Creators, we need to remain mindful of the thoughts that precede our actions. Are we acting out of kindness and love? Or are we responding from a place of fear and hate?

Finally, the Health card asks us to remember to take care of ourselves as well as those we love. It indicates that we will find healing and renewal in 2018 and invites us to be receptive to the opportunities as they present themselves. Will we refuse a compliment or hug when we need it? Will we accept help when it is offered despite our own pride pushing us to reject it? It reminds us that healing is not always a retreat or vacation away from our troubles. It can come about via our interactions with others, through life activities, even upsets and change.

I, personally, have already identified some of the coming lessons 2018 has to offer me. For me the challenges/lessons are in my own home and extended family. However, though the lessons appear to be all about ourselves and our families, don’t be fooled. The challenges each of us overcomes is another point for our Team – humanity and Earth.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year and 2018!

Much Love,

If you are interested in a 2018 forecast the fee is $10 per month, so $120 for the year and $60 for half the year or any amount of months that you would like. The forecast includes one or more cards drawn for each month using a combination of the Osho Zen Tarot deck and my Light Code Oracle deck. The forecast focus can be on specific areas – career, family, romance – or just a general reading. Please contact me if you would like to schedule a 2018 forecast. 

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Message from the Council of Many: Port-holes are Available

Living Life in Between

You are growing. Like a sapling. Like a tree. The nutrients you need are always provided, yet sometimes you will not drink of the love provided. It is love that is your greatest sustenance. Why do you not drink of it?

Do you not see the lacking of love within you? It is in lack that you have grown forgetful and with every lost memory of your Self, of your origins, that lacking grows and becomes ever more emboldened within you. This is where Darkness thrives. Do not be a nurturer of Darkness, of the lacking of love.

Port-holes are available. From these openings of love…which, by the way are located within you, at such a deep level that most are unaware of their existence….you can draw forth more of your Self. You can drink of the love that is You. We are providing you evidence of these port-holes. All…

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Creating Space: Message from E’Fonin

Living Life in Between

Now is a time to settle into yourself and get comfortable with the New You. In this settling in you’re not only an observer of who you are from the inside but you create space for the New You within yourself. You give him/her a Home within. Get cozy together. You have been apart for a long time.

The reUnion is exquisite. It is an explosion of familiarity. Do you feel it? Is it comfortable for you? Perhaps not yet. This New You is unfamiliar to your Earth Self yet at the same time complimentary and comfortable. There is not rejection but inspection of this new aspect.

“Join me!”, he/she says to you. “Have a seat and let’s chat. It’s been far too long and we’ve much catching up to do”.

The space you hold for YourSelf is growing ever more important in these times of accelerating frequency. The acceleration…

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Unburden Yourself: Message from the High Council

Living Life in Between

Honor yourself.

Create yourself.

Do not deny yourself by entreating others to feast upon your loss.

It is with an open mind that I have been evaluating my life. Certain aspects are brought to mind to review. Some are taken in and digested; allowed to permeate into and out of my Being. Do they honor who I Am? Do they inspire growth and allow for the unfolding of a greater, more powerful Me? If not, then they must go by the wayside. They must be allowed to dissolve and with them take all those things which have not served the greater purpose.

It is these things which weigh you down and distract your from the task at hand.

Fold up as a flower does in the evening. Protect that which is genuine and beautiful and reject that which only causes your fragile petals to wither.

Now is a time great…

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Message from E’Fonin

Living Life in Between

Early this morning at 2:30ish I awakened suddenly from a deep sleep. I no longer remember the dream I was having so I suppose it is not important. However, I began to receive communication from E’Fonin immediately upon waking. Since the message was coming in strong, I actually got up and wrote it down.

Message from E’Fonin

We have awakened you to pass on valuable information and explanation pertaining to the processes you must go through.

You have eaten red meat. This is not ideal. The energetic makeup of animals is out of alignment with your own and so ingestion their meat should be avoided in order to maintain balance. It is ideal for you to consume only fruit and vegetables at this time because the animals of your time are not properly raised and their meat not properly prepared. In the past instructions were given on how to raise…

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Message from the High Council: Witnessing the Birth of the New Hue-manity

Living Life in Between

We are all small children. We don’t know as much as we think we do. Yet, we go around as if we know everything, happy in our little bubble.

Now that bubble is bursting. At least for me anyway.

There is so much I don’t know. So much Forgotten.

It is clear to me now that much restructuring must be done. I have just begun and the path is a long one. The more I discover the more open I become. I feel like a flower bud ready to burst open with the first rays of the morning sun. It is as if I have never been awake; as if I was just born.

budIt is very much like I have been a toddler all this life. So self-centered and self-absorbed. The world revolved around me. I saw only from my own perspective and what little I did see from…

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Lavender Essential Oil



I have always been a fan of lavender but since I became a DoTERRA consultant I have come to use lavender essential oil pretty much every day. Mostly, I use it to calm my nerves. It is great in a hot bath or as a natural perfume. I have also used it to help tame acne breakouts by adding three drops to coconut and dabbing it with a cotton swab over inflamed areas. Finally, it is a great antiseptic for insect bites.

My favorite use is putting it on my temples and at the base of the back of my neck to help with tension headaches and overall anxiety. As an empath and medium I often pick up others emotions and mental pictures when I don’t want to. Of course, this is most likely when I am tired or out of balance from not eating properly or just doing too much in one day. Lavender oil automatically helps ease my tension and helps me relax so that I can focus on me and push out other unwanted mind clutter.

Click here for a complete description of lavender oil and its uses.

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