About Dayna



Dayna has been experiencing the changes associated with the ascension, or “Shift” since 2002. This first wave of energy was life-altering and accompanied by a Kundalini activation. You can read more about Dayna’s story, visit her spiritual blog, Living Life In-Between or her other blog, A Walk-In Life.

Dayna’s primary purpose in this life is as a “Helper”. She is dedicated to helping others live better lives through self-examination, introspection and healing. Dayna selected the paths of Teacher and Counselor as her main avenues to achieve her life purpose. She uses her spiritual gifts as tools to facilitate her teaching and counseling. Dayna offers her gifts to others who are seeking their own answers in life by offering healing, spiritual mentoring and spiritual counseling.

Dayna specializes in offering support to those currently undergoing many of the most challenging aspects of the Shift. Her ability to tune into her Higher Self and guidance allows her to perceive and relay information for specific individuals. She has also been blessed with natural healing abilities that include not only intuitively perceiving the spiritual and physical auras of others but also the ability to manipulate and move spiritual energy in order to initiate and facilitate healing. These healing abilities are magnified and intensified by the addition of Light Language and the activation it provides. The combination of these gifts provides her clients with individualized healing and an expanded understanding of themselves and their purpose.



Dayna cannot be held responsible for any actions or reactions to the assistance she offers.  Any information Dayna gives is her own interpretation of the information she receives. Any references to happenings or events occurring in the future are understood to be conditional upon the state of mind of the individual and is in no way guaranteed to occur. If any medical information is discussed it is understood that Dayna is not a medical doctor and has had no previous medical training. Dayna suggests that the individual seek the medical advice of a doctor for any condition of the physical body.


20 thoughts on “About Dayna

  1. Pam Berman

    Very well-done, Dayna 🙂

  2. nice to find you here !! 🙂

  3. Have a joyous forever

  4. Thank you for following my Sophia’s Children blog, Dayna. We’ve got a few things in common. 🙂 Blessings, and I’ve wandered over to your other blog as well. Jamie

  5. Welcome to our flock Dayna ❤


  6. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature

    Hey Dayna, beautiful soul, thank you for following my site. Looks like you are also following some of my friends, so I will see you around the blogosphere! Welcome!

  7. a most wonderful lady, gracious, thanks for being here

  8. Wow, all my friends got here before me with well wishes,lol! How many blogs do you have? 🙂
    Thanks for being you and doing work on the front lines for the collective.


    • Don’t feel bad. lol This is my website, not a blog, though there are some posts here and links to my two blogs (only 2). 🙂

      Glad you found me and thank you to you as well.

      • I will look for the posts. I kinda figured it is a website. But when I see that WordPress signature, my heart screams “blog”! 🙂

        You are welcome.

  9. Thanks for following, I’m looking forward to reading you too:)

  10. Lisa

    Dayna has given me annual forecast readings for the past several years and they are spot on everytime! It’s a great look ahead and gives me insight on situations that arise for me to pay special attention to. I have also been fortunate to receive her gift of mediumship for the past 6 years. This has given me great peace and comfort through the unbearable loss of family members. Again… always spot on. I would never trust any other spiritual advisor other than Dayna to read for me. I know she is of pure heart and I can trust her 100%.

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