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The Lost Wisdom of the Grail Telesummit

Don’t miss out on this free opportunity! Speakers for first 20 days in the month of May. Each talk is available for only 48 hours after it’s air date. If you sign up today you can still access yesterday’s.

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Tuesday 1st May Richard Beaumont Human Design
Wednesday 2nd May Jeremy Rye Finding Your Answers in the Landscape
Thursday 3rd May Sarah Negus 6 Steps to Self Mastery
Friday 4th May Davyd & Emma Farrell The Importance of Psychic & Energetic Hygiene: Know Your Doorways
Saturday 5th May Adam Apollo Sword & Chalice: Remembering Our Purpose Through Surrender
Sunday 6th May Diana Mossop Phytobiophysics:  The Power of Plants
Monday 7th May Kara Gilligan The Magdalene Wounds: Reclaiming Lost Sacred Feminine Wisdom to Heal Your Life
Tuesday 8th May Patrick MacManaway The Blessing of Water – How Well Aimed Love Can Save Our World
Wednesday 9th May Oliver Huntley Owning the Shadow
Thursday 10th May Imelda Almqvist Making Ourselves a Crucible
Friday 11th May Barbara Wren Alchemical Nutrition
Saturday 12th May Saira Salmon Healing the Wasteland
Sunday 13th May Philip Carr-Gomm The School of the Holy Grail in the Forest of Brocéliande
Monday 14th May Ayn Cates Sullivan Legends of the Grail
Tuesday 15th May Jessica Jones Awakening the Core Wound of the Collective Unconscious
Wednesday 16th May Pam Montgomery Plant Communication; Reclaiming Our Birthright as a Part of Nature
Thursday 17th May Colette Garside Colour:  A Window to the Self
Friday 18th May Andrew Wren
Saturday 19th May Anaiya Sophia Fierce, Fierce Feminine. Sounding in Her New World
Sunday 20th May Richard Rudd The Gene Keys


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