Message from the Council of Many: Port-holes are Available

Living Life in Between

You are growing. Like a sapling. Like a tree. The nutrients you need are always provided, yet sometimes you will not drink of the love provided. It is love that is your greatest sustenance. Why do you not drink of it?

Do you not see the lacking of love within you? It is in lack that you have grown forgetful and with every lost memory of your Self, of your origins, that lacking grows and becomes ever more emboldened within you. This is where Darkness thrives. Do not be a nurturer of Darkness, of the lacking of love.

Port-holes are available. From these openings of love…which, by the way are located within you, at such a deep level that most are unaware of their existence….you can draw forth more of your Self. You can drink of the love that is You. We are providing you evidence of these port-holes. All…

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3 thoughts on “Message from the Council of Many: Port-holes are Available

  1. I am trying to figure out how to navigate WordPress and find your articles lol I am still learning !!! I love the name in between I so resonate with that we def have our feet in both worlds!!!! You started in 2003 too wow ! First waver can’t wait to read much love to you 🙏🏽😘😍😇❤️

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