Unburden Yourself: Message from the High Council

Living Life in Between

Honor yourself.

Create yourself.

Do not deny yourself by entreating others to feast upon your loss.

It is with an open mind that I have been evaluating my life. Certain aspects are brought to mind to review. Some are taken in and digested; allowed to permeate into and out of my Being. Do they honor who I Am? Do they inspire growth and allow for the unfolding of a greater, more powerful Me? If not, then they must go by the wayside. They must be allowed to dissolve and with them take all those things which have not served the greater purpose.

It is these things which weigh you down and distract your from the task at hand.

Fold up as a flower does in the evening. Protect that which is genuine and beautiful and reject that which only causes your fragile petals to wither.

Now is a time great…

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