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Light Code Oracle Video Reading Demonstration

Hello everyone! Recently I have been experimenting with video tarot readings with excellent results. So, yesterday I opted to do a demo video reading using the Light Code Oracle deck. I did this for several reasons:

1. I had questions about the energy I have been sensing and the acceleration phase of ascension we have been experiencing since the beginning of this year.
2. It had been a while since I did a video update on the Light Code Oracle deck.
3. To provide an example of how the Light Code Oracle functions in a traditional tarot layout.
4. To provide an example of what one can expect from a video tarot reading (short-version).

Below is the video. It is fairly short because I was interrupted at the end by my children. A typical video reading will not end as abruptly. I usually draw 1-3 additional cards at the end and give a summary of the reading. There is also usually a brief introduction at the beginning of the reading where I tune into guidance.

I recorded this reading yesterday afternoon. Not long after I fell asleep unexpectedly during an attempt at meditation. This is very unusual for me! After I woke there were indications that what I picked up in the reading would be confirmed by other sources. Just this morning, still unsure as to whether I would post the video or not, that “other source” was provided, validating what came through during the reading. The other source indicated that what I am and have been sensing about the energy is the result of a distancing (split) between 3D and 5D timelines.

More Information

For those of you interested in a video tarot reading, I have added it to my Services page. The cost is $40 for a reading that will average 25-30 minutes in length. I upload the completed video to YouTube as “unlisted” and provide you with the link. “Unlisted” means that only those with a link can access the video.

The advantage of a video tarot reading over an email tarot reading is that I am able to more easily pass on information brought to my attention via my guidance and the sitter’s guidance. The ease comes from an uninterrupted circuit of energy. Guidance/Spirit passes on information and I communicate it immediately. When I act as a channel via email the communication is interrupted because of the typing requirement. This interruption can result in missed or incomplete information.

A bonus is that when I tune into the sitter’s guidance I often encounter passed loved ones who wish to pass on messages. While I am open to their input, I do not typically pass on messages unrelated to the topic of the reading, meaning I will not go into full-on mediumship mode. However, it can be reassuring and therefore helpful when passed loved ones “pop” in and say “hi”. 🙂



Note:  For those of you who purchased the Light Code Oracle deck before the Guidebook was completed and would like to purchase the Guidebook or the additional two cards, here are the links to both:

2 Additional Oracle Cards

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