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Light Code Oracle Draw for the Week of 2/25/2018

Felt I should share this week’s Light Code Oracle card draw for those who do not follow my FB Community page. The cards are especially relevant for the coming week and the energetic fluctuations that will present themselves. Take care, ground yourself and pull in your energy (rest) when you feel you need to. This week is not the time to overdo it! Listen to your body. It will tell you when you need to withdraw/rest/pull-in your energy/protect yourself.


Take a moment to meditate and ground your energy. Then, focus on the cards either with eyes open or closed. Feel their energy as it mingles with your own. Let the cards call to you. There may be more than one. That is OK. Allow. Once identified you can refer to their messages below.


Below are the revealed cards for this week and their corresponding messages. Rather than post the cards separately, I have included them all together as they appeared when I turned them over. The combined energy of the four cards carries a significant message for this week. I will include a complete card reading after the descriptive messages of the individual cards.




Card #1: Communion (reversed)Express your intimate thoughts and feelings for deeper understanding. The image on this card depicts three circles overlapping at different points. One circle is you (what is known), the other is your subconscious (the unseen) and the other is your super conscious (Source/God). An angelic symbol protectively guards all three completing the message of “Communion”. Communion is sacred communication and rapport with another.

In the reverse position this card indicates that there is an imbalance of communion in your life right now. You may be overly focused on the material (known) world and neglectful of the spiritual (unseen). An example of this imbalance might be that you are doing most of the communicating/reaching but few are reciprocating. This imbalance needs addressing. Now is a time to withdraw and reflect, communing only with Self/God and allowing others the space and time they need. Let them/it come to you.

Card #2: Friendship – Relish time with your friends. Celebrate your connection. If you draw this card then you are surrounded by friends and family even if not physically present. The card also indicates a strong soul family connection. Soul family are those family in Spirit who your reincarnate with lifetime after lifetime. They are connected not by blood but by vibration constructed from lifetimes of interconnected, similar physical life experience. Soul family may not always be easily identifiable but you can bet they influence your life in huge ways. It is important to not only be aware of this connection but also be grateful for it because you are who you are because of family.

Card #3: Abundance – Everything is already yours. You only have to reach for it. The color red is prominent in this card and represents the root chakra and one’s connection to the physical, feelings of safety and security and an overall trust that all will be provided. The symbol on this card is one of reception of gifts. It is the filling of one’s cup that maintains balance. If too much is received, balance is lost. The same goes for the opposite. There will always be another life condition that serves to offset any imbalance. If you draw this card you are being asked to analyze the abundance and lack in your life. Do they balance one another or is one in need of balance? Look for patterns and seek understanding of them.

Card #4: Divine Complement – One becomes two, become one. You are not alone.
This symbol on this card is of two partial circles connecting and creating a powerful burst of energy as they merge to become One. If you draw this card then you have (or are about to) encountered another Divine aspect of yourself either in physical or spiritual form. This connection has created the perfect energetic cocktail for advancement. This progress can be spiritual, physical, emotional or a combination of them all. What you do with this gift is up to you, but know that it necessitates change.

Message of the Combined Cards

Communion reversed – Individual position/the present situation. There is a likelihood for communication challenges this week. What you say is either not understood, goes unheard/unheeded or is beyond the reality of those you communicate with. This is not personal, so avoid taking it as such despite the rebuttals you receive.

Friendship – Outward or external environment (known). This card in relation to the first indicates an energetic connection with others more than a personal one at this time. There will be significant soul group activity and connection. These can manifest in both positive and negative ways. Expect to be challenged, however, for these connections are often karmic or residual leftovers from previous incarnations and experiences that have been carried far too long and need to be released. You are being asked to “let go”, release judgement, expectation, patterns and emotion related to these residuals.

Abundance – Inner experience (unknown/unseen). In relation to the previous two cards this card indicates that you are operating from a space of abundance. Your cup is overflowing and you recognize and embrace your connection with Source/All. Alignment is occurring and energy pathways are clearing to allow this abundance to manifest so that it can be embraced and recognized at a conscious level.

Divine Complement – The result/resolution (future path). As the manifestation of the previous three cards, the Divine Complement card describes a situation of advancement beyond previous limitation. Similar to the Breakthrough card in this position, the difference here is that this advancement is spurred by another(s) and the lessons, associations and clearing provided via interactions. The result can be explosive in intensity. Therefore, caution is advised against overreaction.

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