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Updated Deck & Half-Price Tarot Offer

I’ve decided to add my two most recent paintings – Farewell and Look – to my Light Code Oracle deck. I’ve already updated the deck on the GameCrafter website and ordered another deck for my personal use. I did this not only to test out the new cards but to get the nifty little velvet bag that I added to the deck recently.

Here is a preview of the two new cards:

You may be wondering if more cards will be added in the future. At this time I cannot say for certain more won’t come along. However, this feels final to me and as such I do not anticipate further additions or editions of this oracle deck. My main task now is to complete the companion booklet with the card meanings and format it to the template provided by the GameCrafer website.

Feedback from Light Code Oracle Readings

I wanted to share another testimonial with you. This was one of the last readings I did during the week of free readings. I have permission from the sitter to share her reading and reaction.

Finance Reading for J.O. 


The first card represents the issue or where you are in the present. The card is the Complication card – What is done, is done. Accept responsibility. This card indicates current difficulties related to situations you are already presently involved in. The Pandora’s box has been opened; thus you have already embarked on the path(s) where complication is likely. These difficulties are lessons to build Self, to expand upon past lessons similar to small quizzes and tests to see how much you have retained/learned from previous similar lessons. This can be past life lessons, present life or both. Viewing the future from this vantage point will be difficult for clouds/fog bar your view and create a trapped feeling at times. It can seem like you are treading water; making no progress or movement in your intended direction. There is a message from your guidance indicating family issues and past debts not repaid. There is a link between family (or friends considered family) and financial considerations/burdens/difficulty. The message they pass on is that you carry high responsibility, enveloping a caretaker role that is completely at your discretion and under your control. They ask you keep this in mind throughout this reading.

The next card represents the internal influences of which you may or may not be aware. This card is the Abundance card – Everything is already yours. You only have to reach for it. The color red is prominent in this card and represents the root chakra and one’s connection to the physical, feelings of safety and security and an overall trust that all will be provided. In this position the Abundance card indicates either a past of financial and/or other kinds of abundance or a subconscious believe that all will be provided as is needed. There is a sense that both are applicable but the latter serves as a foundation for you. Regardless of actual financial (meaning money/assets) position there is an underlying belief that all is as it should be and an acceptance of what is being offered or removed as a part of your overall path and lesson. The symbol on this card is one of reception of gifts. It is the filling of one’s cup that maintains balance. If too much is received, balance is lost. The same goes for the opposite. There will always be another life condition that serves to offset any imbalance. For example, excess might bring unexpected expenses while lack might bring about fortune from unexpected sources. You guides ask me to ask you to view your past in relation to money/abundance/finance and look for these kinds of patterns. There will be understanding found from inspection.

The next card is external influences of which you are aware. The card in this position is the Integration card – Be open to receiving. Life has something to show you. If you draw this card then you are still “in process”. There may be internal work, a spiritual contract or other “negotiations” going on behind the scenes of which you are unaware. You may have gender specific beliefs and issues to address and lessons related to your role in life in regards to your gender and powerful male role models in your life. Since much of this integration is happening at a subconscious level you may or may not be aware of the progress you are making and how far you’ve come. The integration process has been on-going and you are reaching a point where you will be freed to move past some past limitation(s). With this card I am shown three paths extending from a single, larger path. This could mean that you are branching out or extending yourself in three direction. It can also indicate a choice needs to be made to travel one path instead of three or of a need to refine your path into a single one. In a financial sense, multiple paths could represent multiple debts or promises made. Indication is that this is in process of resolving already. I also hear the word “Hijack” which I take as someone interfered or your identity was compromised or could be.

The next card is what is needed for resolution. The card in this position is the Health card- Take time to heal yourself. Cleanse, renew and regenerate. This card is asking you to heal yourself first before moving forward. It suggests some deeper health related issues may exist. These can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – or all of the above. Since this is a finance reading the health in question likely indicates financial health. Reserves are needed. The word “rebuild” comes to mind also. I also see the Phoenix as if there was destruction which leads to a rising from the ashes. With this I hear “partnerships” and feel like your greatest assets are your social ones; the people you connect with. Look for advice and take action in accordance with it but make sure the advice comes from a trustworthy source. There is also information coming through from a fundraising (crowdfunding maybe?) type source in relation to a project.

The final card is the resolution or understanding. The card in this position is the Guidance card – Your guides and angels are assisting your. Listen. If you draw this card it is a message that your guides and angels have been trying to get through to you. They ask that you slow down and take a moment to tune into their guidance. Listen and be open to receive their messages. In this position the card indicates that you have been and are receiving guidance and that through this guidance you will reach your goals. They are informing me that you do have a strong intuitive sense and when you follow it you are rewarded with positive results. It is this intuition that will assist you in reaching your goals. You are a facilitator, and as such you will often find your success comes through interaction with others often in groups or within social circles. Be open to receiving and ask for help when you need it. There is mention of movement here, either to another location or something related. Be open to making changes outside of your normal comfort zone as opportunities will arise that may involve slight risk.

Sitter’s response:

Your reading was so informative and absolutely pinpointed our situation.  
1) I asked for financial information because that has been the one huge struggle this past year or longer.  We (my spouse and I) experienced a catastrophic financial loss just over a year ago, which resulted in loss of everything we owned.  Literally.  
2) Your expression “hijack” was exactly right – the loss was due to embezzlement of a large account as well as issues in being repaid for money owed us from two other main sources……..We went from a place of abundance to complete and total want. 
3) It has felt like your expression ‘treading water’ – perfectly describes it.
4) “abundance” – I never had to worry about whether I would have a roof over my head or food before this.  We led a very comfortable life. Now it has been a struggle. We nearly became homeless more than once.
5) Caregiving:  I was my mother’s caregiver for 8 years, until she died at 92 in 2012 – that’s what comes to mind although it’s in the past. I have been caring for our two dogs and my spouse as we have endured the hardships of the past year….. In my career I was a chaplain/clergy/pastoral caregiver.
6) Family and friends have in general not been too helpful – they have been pretty judgmental and not as helpful as I would have been if the proverbial shoe were on the other foot. Their words at times have been hurtful.  
7) “Rebuild” is the word my spouse and I use all the time – we are looking to rebuild our lives. The Phoenix is perfect, both as a the symbol you mentioned and because we started this spiral living……near Phoenix.  We do have a light at the end of the tunnel, a job offer my husband received in a city hours from our present location……..starting in March.  Having to find a place and get resettled is less onerous knowing that there’s something in the offing, even if it’s temporary.   
8)This also plays into your mention of movement – we have relocated a few times in the past year and this will be another – but hopefully a place we can settle, build our resources, and emerge stronger and better in every way.
Stresses and emotional difficulties have been situational, a result of financial struggle.  We literally nearly became homeless – and at each of those times we received help at the last minute. Which brings me to:
9) Angels:  Truer word never spoken!  The last time, I thought we were literally going to be homeless in the snow……We had to place an ad for someone to adopt our two beloved dogs……the person who rescued them to foster also rescued us. A genuine angel, one who has less than others yet reached out to help us in the nick of time, due to a strange synchronicity our situation called to her mind.  It was a real “what are the odds!” situation.
10) Reading that some things may be “in the process of being resolved/in resolution at this time” is very helpful.  One can only hope. 
Your reading seemed so apt and so spot on in some strange ways.  I do think you see very well with your “third eye!”  I would happily recommend you with confidence to anyone seeking a highly intuitive – but also helpful – reading.
~JO, United States


The half-price offer for tarot readings still stands. Contact me to schedule your session.




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