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Free Reading Offer Conclusion and Results – Plus Oracle Card Draw for the Week of February 4th

The response to my free reading offer was beyond my expectations. If you took advantage of it then thank you! Through you I was able to experience the full potential of my Light Code Oracle deck as well as create some card meanings and edit and refine others. I am not done yet – not by a long-shot – but I have made substantial progress.

For now, though, I have to withdraw the free reading offer. Life has become quite busy for me in the last week and I need to focus my energy on other more mundane tasks. If you were unable to take advantage of the free reading offer, I will be offering them at a discounted rate for those who are interested. For a limited time you can purchase a tarot reading using the Light Code Oracle deck for 50% off my normal tarot rate – $10. Contact me to schedule your reading.

To give you an idea of what transpired this past week, below is an example of one of the readings I did and the response by the sitter. The sitter very graciously agreed to let me share her reading with you all – Thanks KC!!!

Reading on Career: 
Note: I did two readings for this sitter. The first was on Family. This is the second reading.

The first card represents the issue or where you are in the present. The card is the Growth card – Maturity is life’s gift to us. Celebrate who you have become. In this position the card is indicating that you are currently experiencing growth in your career. You have developed and refined your skills to the point of making gains and having successes enough to continue to grow and expand your business. There may be new ideas or connections being made, business partners or proposals in the works and ideas for expansion. This card indicates you have worked hard to get where you are.

The next card represents the internal influences of which you may or may not be aware. This card is the Power card reversed – True strength comes from the heart. Stand firm in Self. In the reversed position this card indicates some self-doubt may be at play. Past self-esteem issues or issues with failure may keep you from pushing forward because of the fear of failure. The Power card indicates, however, that you have the inner power and strength to succeed and when you overcome your fears you experience expansion and rapid progress toward your goals. I am reminded to tell you to be wary of who you associate with because their energy and comments have a tendency to create within you doubt when previously it would not have been there. Some people like to give suggestions and advice when it is not asked of them. It is up to you to put them in their place even if they are someone close to you whose feelings you would not want to tread upon.

The next card is external influences of which you are aware. The card in this position is the Breakthrough card – Success is imminent. Push past self-doubt into certainty. I find it interesting that the previous card was all about self-doubt and this one is about pushing past it! In this position this card is indicating that you have done well with the physical or mundane aspects of your business. Your planning, dedication and attention to detail are obvious to those around you. You may in fact exhaust yourself for all the time and effort you expend. To others you would seem enviable but you will show humility as this is just part of your personality and what you were taught. This card can also indicate a recent actual breakthrough, meaning you pushed past an obstacle successfully. 🙂

The next card is what is needed for resolution. The card in this position is the Dream card reversed – Dream big. Don’t hold back. Your wishes will be granted. In the reverse position this card indicates that you may downgrade or edit your dreams because a part of you either feels you cannot have them or you don’t deserve them. Success is often feared and thus we often place obstacles in our path in order to keep our successes just below what we see as being “too successful”, meaning if we get that successful something is bound to happen to tumble our tower of success. There may exist the belief that the more you have, the more can be taken away. In this position the card is asking you to consider if you are downgrading your dreams or editing them when you could dream so much bigger.

The final card is the resolution or understanding. The card in this position is the Emergence card – Your fire cannot be extinguished. Rise above darkness and despair. In this position the Emergence card is a powerful message of expansion and the potential for great success. It indicates that career-wise you may be on the brink of something big and that the potential is there for major gains and growth toward your goals. If you can move beyond past failures and self-limiting beliefs then your career will emerge into something you cannot even imagine.

Here is the sitter’s response:

Wow! Wow! And wow! That’s all  I can really say about the cards.  I feel like you hit the nail on the head, especially in my family aspect. Even career wise,  after every explanstion of each card, I immediately thought of instances that they related to. Most notably the aspect about learning who to work with and standing my ground. I’ve always been one to let people walk  all over me because I felt bad for them, but then I realized they don’t appreciate what they’re getting to begin with. I just had to cut ties with the client that I’ve been working with  for the past five years because it seemed like no matter what I did,  regardless to catering to their pricing and overworking myself just to satisfy them, they never seemed to be satisfied. Snide comments  were made and it just brought me down to a level where I had so much doubt filled within me. I have finally had enough of that. It took me until now, though 5 1/2 years later to realize my worth. I also have a bad habit of comparing my work to others and get down on myself, but I’m falling in love with what I am doing now. I’m still hard on myself, but I have grown so much and have come so far that I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

Thank you so much for this!

As you can see the cards revealed they are functional not only in a tarot spread but also in their reversed positions! I was amazed to discover how easy it was to use them and how well they worked together to provide an overall picture of the sitter and answer their specific questions and/or focus topic.

If you are curious or would like to see how these cards work for you, check out my Walk-In Life Community Page on Facebook for the weekly Light Code Oracle card draws.

Here are the cards for this week (February 4th) – don’t peek at the cards until you have selected the one(s) you were drawn to:

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Focus on the cards. Then close your eyes for a moment. When you open your eyes, one (or more) of the cards should call out to you.

No automatic alt text available.Card #1: Protection – Take heart, for Angels surround you in protection and love. If you draw this card you are receiving extra protection via your guidance and angels because one or more areas in your life – physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual – is unbalanced and susceptible to negative and/or suppressive energies. It is advised that you make an effort to realign and balance yourself, your body and your life at this time.

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Card #2: The Dream – Dream big. Don’t hold back. Your wishes will be granted.
If you draw this card ask yourself, “What brings me joy? Does my life bring me joy? Are my relationships fulfilling and loving? If not, how can I shift my life to be more in line with what makes me excited, happy and joyful?” This card reminds us that life is short. Each moment we have is precious and offers us the ability to express our True self. You have the power within you to change that which no longer brings you joy.

Card #3: Inner Child – Look through the eyes of your inner child. Wonder awaits you. Life is chaotic at times causing us to become overly serious and rigid. Without proper rest and regeneration we can become disillusioned and unhappy. If you draw this card it is time to take a break; to seek out that which brings you joy and encourages creativity. Look at your life through the eyes of your inner child and you will find beauty beyond the illusion.

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 Card #4: Remember – Past, Present and Future exist in You. If you draw this card you are being asked to Remember who you ARE and reconnect with all aspects physical and nonphysical. It’s function is to bring to the surface what is hidden within you; to allow you to see what has previously been unseen and Forgotten. Remembering comes through experience, physical connections, dreams, struggle and conflict. It can bring about upheaval but always results in realization and new understanding.
 $24.99 (1)
I hope you are enjoying the Light Code Oracle deck as much as I am! If you would like to purchase the deck follow this link. You will not receive the booklet since I have yet to complete it, but once it is finished you can contact me and I will send you the booklet free of charge when it is completed.


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